Finally, a new refeshing breeze: MIRROR STRINGS is a globally unique ensemble, which merges two guitars with two cellos. An extremely exciting combination. Since it is released from old patterns and conventions it allows the audience to listen, for instance, to the Holberg Suite by Edvard Grieg in a captivatingly dynamic and extraordinary way.
MIRROR STRINGS is innovative and inspiring: Composers from all over the world write music for the quartet. And again no conventions – from minimal music to contemporary effects and muezzin calls.
The video MIRROR STRINGS: A New Sound, which combines their arrangement of the Holberg Suite with ballet dance was released in 2017.

Soon after that, they released their CD Holberg Unplugged – feat. two guitars and two cellos with the label ears love music/Timezone Records.

And now in 2020 it’s time for the long album: ‘Dedication’
Dedicated works, new music, different styles and an absolutely unique energy.

Luisa Marie Darvish Ghane, Gitarre
Johann Jacob Nissen, Gitarre
Samuel Selle, Cello
Phillip Wentrup, Cello